Specialised therapeutic tools:

Are you tired of “only talking” about your situation or problems?

Would you like to experience what is lying deeper than the surface – experience how the body keeps the score? Learn how to release tension and stress on the deepest levels.

  • In-depth psychotherapy using body, mind & spirit.
  • Short-term body-mind psychotherapy sessions.
  • Trauma release exercises (TRE@) for individuals, families & groups. 
  • Non-violent communication for individuals or (NVC) groups.
  • Expressive arts therapy individual & group sessions.
  • Visualisation, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), BWRT (brain wave restructuring therapy) & hynosis.
  • MARI-assessment (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument)
  • Child Emotional Assessment and feedback.
  • IMAGO couples and parenting therapy.
  • TRE & Biodanza facilitation at Hoogland Health Hydro.
  • Skype & Zoom sessions are possible.


About Eleen Polson:

I am Eleen Polson, a counselling psychologist with a specialisation in body-mind psychotherapy and expressive arts therapy. For the past 25 years, I have developed a unique approach to helping clients access their innate body wisdom to facilitate growth and healing. I combine traditional psychotherapeutic techniques with body-work, TRE (trauma release exercises), movement, art and music to facilitate insight and change.

I work with adults, teenagers and children on an individual, in-depth therapeutic level to customize interventions for their specific needs. I offer expressive arts therapy retreats and TRE (trauma release exercises) in a group context.

Gain an understanding of how I work by viewing my on-line course Grow&Heal~tips&tools to upgrade human connections .

My studio practice is in Clydesdale (near Pretoria Girls High School), and from time to time at Hoogland Health Hydro.


In our demanding lives, we all sometimes need a helping hand to assist us in leading joyous and meaningful lives.  I am a counselling psychologist and a healer.  I am also a daughter, mother, spouse, contemplative pilgrim, writer and artist.  My practice is centred on a belief in the healing and freeing power of deep connection to all aspects of life – to our deeper self, to our body, our soul, our needs and feelings, and to each other and our world.  This connection assists people in working through difficulties and leading more fulfilled lives. In this journey towards wholeness, we need to work with the body, mind and soul.  

To support my holistic approach and multi-disciplinary practice, I draw on both traditional psychotherapeutic techniques and on the unique and powerful contributions of body-work, music and movement, mindfulness, visualisation and breathing.   I have also specialised in short-term therapy, making a difference one session at a time.

I conduct workshops nationwide.

As a guideline to my valued Clients on the therapeutic journey, please down-load this beneficial insight,  Letter from Eleen Polson on your therapeutic journey

Eleen Polson

Testimonies, Podcasts & Online Offerings:

“It was really, really powerful, and I would love to do it again!”

~ Sithle, 19 years old

“Eleen is a lightworker, she can transform energy and has helped me process and express feelings I had no idea even existed. I have come to know myself more deeply because of the amazing space she helps co-create to help me just be.”

~ Dr Andani Thakhati, 33 years old

“I have found the process of TRE with Eleen Polson a truly remarkable experience. It left me feeling completely calm and composed. That night I slept as I had never slept before – feeling totally nurtured and protected.”

~ Clare Hedding (60ish), a victim of armed robbery, January 2017

“This therapy created change in me. I could reconnect with my true self again. I am on the road to reclaiming my fullest functioning and it is beyond expectations!”

~ Santie Fourie (35), in February 2017, after MVA in 2011

Online Course:  

Grow&Heal ~ tips & tools to upgrade human interactions

Youtube Channel: CreativeLearning4Life

Road Map to your own unique magical creative connections:

Part 1: Defining Creativity,

Part 2: Overcoming Creative blocks,

Part 3: Get moving!

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River mouth water walking meditation

Magaliesberg Mountain Meditation

Meditation on footprints in the sand

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