Authentic Wild Woman Weekend Retreat

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Authentic Wild Woman Weekend Retreat














Due to popular demand we will be holding an exclusive retreat for Women
at Sima Kade Bush Retreat on 16 – 18 April 2021 for R3950 all inclusive. Discounts for Buddies.


Take time out to drop into your natural capacity for rest and repair.

Reconnect to your wild woman through the medicine of story telling, movement, music, art and nature.

Let your feminine wisdom nourish you.

This retreat is the creative collaboration between Johan Muller (coach, body worker and retreat facilitator)

and Eleen Polson (counselling psychologist and expressive arts therapist).

Please contact Eleen if your soul yearns for this…


The aim of the Authentic wild woman weekend retreat:

To offer cutting edge, thought provoking, healing experiences for woman in a beautiful, safe space. 

We will explore our natural sense of healing and connection and allow ourselves to drop into the deep state of rest and repair,

and from that experience encourage feeling alive, nurtured and inspired.

The five lines of Biocentric development that forms the underlying structure of the retreat are: 

  1.  Vitality:  feeling alive and in touch with a wide range of body-heart-mind sensations is the antidote to feeling numb, frozen or depressed.  We will access and celebrate our innate aliveness with exercises, ceremony and reflections.    
  2. Affectivity:  experience care and comfort in a safe, nurturing space to firstly connect to yourself in a supportive way.  From self care can come deep connections to each other. 
  3. Sensuality and Sexuality: Life force or erotic energy, known in some traditions as kundalini, is accessible to all of us and can be cultivated in a gentle, non-judgemental space of curious exploration.  I have not been taught in my schooling, culture or even profession how to understand and cultivate this aspect of my being, until very recently.  In this workshop we will start the discussion around honouring and enjoying what is a natural birth right, yet to be developed into a artful skill. 
  4. Creativity:  If the previous building blocks are in place, we can respond to the world with creativity – create something out of nothing, making something new, anything from a sound, a movement, an expression, or a visual thing.  Our souls yearn to express ourselves creatively in small and big ways.  Giving yourself (and others)  permission to play, explore and make mistakes, just to try again, is of vital importance.  The aim of a dance, for instance, is not to get anywhere specific, but to have fun in the process and enjoy the movement…  
  5. Transcendence:  We need to connect to Something Bigger than us, to Life force, or God, or a bigger Purpose in life.  How you define that Source is not so important, but that you connect to it (through religion, spiritual practice, creativity or general dedication), is important for holistic health. In this workshop we will allow for connection to the Divine – if that is what your feminine Soul desires – but we will not advocate any specific path, and ask for tolerance for our fellow participants views and beliefs.  All cultures, religions and sexual orientations welcome.



The  content of the Authentic wild woman weekend retreat:

We will be facilitating process work with the participants with the aim of integrating body, heart and mind. 

The following tools and exercises can (but might not all) be incorporated: 

  1. Group process and witnessing
  2. Body awareness practices
  3. Individual reflection time
  4. Authentic movement to music
  5. TRE (trauma release exercises)
  6. Kundalini and tantra yoga
  7. Connection to Nature
  8. Voice work & toning
  9. Massage techniques
  10. Fire Ceremony
  11. Yoni Steaming
  12. Art expression (with clay, water colours or oil pastels).

The Feminine way is not to compete, but to connect! 

We will be giving ourselves and each other permission and support to find our own Authentic Wild Womanity.  

Please contact Eleen if your soul yearns for this…


Where, what, how of the retreat:

Shared accommodation and meals included.  

Contract and questionnaire on registration.

Book tickets HERE!

(Discount for pairs)

Please contact Eleen if your soul yearns for this…





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