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I’m Eleen Polson
A Counselling Psychologist


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I am Eleen Polson, a counselling psychologist with a specialisation in body-mind psychotherapy and expressive arts therapy. For the past 28 years, I have developed a unique approach to helping clients access their innate body wisdom to facillitate growth and healing. I combine traditional psychotherapeutic techniques with body-work, TRE (trauma release exercises), movement, art and music to facilitate insight ang change.

  • Body-Mind-Psychotherapy

  • Trauma & Tension Release

  • Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Group Facilitation

Specialised Therapeutic Tools

Are you tired of only talking about your situation or problems?

Would you like to experience what is lying deeper than the surface - experience how the body keeps the score? Learn how to release tension and stress on the deepest levels.

In-depth psychotherapy

Using the, mind, and spririt

Short-Term Sessions

Body-mind psychotherapy sessions

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)

For individuals, families & groups

NVC (Non-Violent Communication)

This is for individuals and groups

Expressive Arts Therapy

This is for individuals and groups

Visualisation, NLP, BWRT, Hypnosis

Neuro-linguistic Programming, brain wave restructuring therapy & hypnosis


Mandala Assessment Research Instrument

Child & Parenting Therapy

Child emotional assessment and feedback

Couples & Conscious Sexuality

This is done using IMAGO couple's therapy

TRE & Biodanza

This is facilitated at Hoogland Health Hydro

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Eleen's Background &Therapeutic Approach

I work with adults, teenagers, and children on an individual, in-depth therapeutic level to customize interventions for thier specific needs. I offer expressive arts therapy retreates (trauma release exercises) in a group context. In our demanding lives, we all sometimes need a helping hand to assist us in leading joyous and meaningful lives. I am a counseliing psychologist and a healer. I am also a daughter, mother, spouse, comtemplative pilgri, writer and artist. My practice is centered on a belief in the healing and freeing power of deep connection to all aspects of life - to our deeper self, to our body, our soul, our needs and feelings, and to each other and our world

Specialised Therapeutic Tools


For individuals, families & groups


Brain wave restructuring, Neuro-linguistic programming and other powerful tools


A radical new way of being, talking and relating to others and yourself

Expressive Arts Therapy

Using our right brains to find creative solutions

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