23 May 2024

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Introduction to Embodied Wisdom Workshops with Eleen.

Dive into a creative exploration of your preconscious with this unique visual tool (using colour and symbols) to access your intuitive guidance and uncover psychological insights. It is a safe, creative, and joyful experience in a small group setting. 

date: 6 july 2024 and 7 september 2024

Venue: Eleen Polson’s practice, 32 Nuwe Hoop Street, Maroelana, Pretoria.

Investment: R880

Time: 10h00 to 13h00.

Tea & art materials included.


1.     Follow the link and fill in the registration form online

Booking form for MARI Morning


2.     Pay your fee into the account to secure your booking.

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3.     E-mail your proof of payment (to eleen@polsons.info),

4.                   Prepare yourself for a creative encounter and watch out for the final mail with venue confirmation 1 week before the workshop.

More about this workshop featuring Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI):

It is an experiential workshop in small groups of 3 to 15 participants to explore different expressive art mediums for personal and professional development. Anyone aged 12 – 102 interested in their creative potential and its transformative power is welcome.

Eleen presents this material from the expressive arts therapy paradigm, where the emphasis is on the experience and the expression of your own intuitive self.  The focus is not on the end product – not on the technique of painting, visual effect or meaning of the picture, style of writing or steps in a dance.  Exercises of sound and voice, movement and music are interwoven with visual art and creative writing to deepen the sensory experience. The connection and interplay between the creative mediums and all the senses facilitates the integration of body, mind, spirit and emotions. This often leads to unexpected psychological insights and personal inspirations. 

The theme for this workshop is the MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument): www.mari-sa.co.za


MARI is a powerful tool using colour and symbols to make the preconscious visible.  It is a unique, visual and creative tool used in combination with various therapies (psychotherapy, music and art therapy and occupational therapy).


The MARI system accesses information from our psyche in a playful, non-threatening way.   It allows us to experience transformation and new insights about ourselves and our situations.


It is:

  • based on a Jungian system of 45 symbols and 39 colours, developed and researched by art therapist Joan Kellog in the 1970s.


  • used to assess a client’s current psychological state and gives a visual representation of the psyche.


  • a nonverbal process, using both left and right brain thinking, with the client as the guide leading the discovery.


  • used to access material from the unconscious mind using symbols and colours, adding richness to the therapeutic dialogue.


  • a diagnostic and therapeutic tool bringing clarity to the issue at hand. You can understand and affect change once you see the psyche in a new way.

NO PREVIOUS ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED, just a willingness to explore!

Just bring yourself in comfortable clothes and an expectation of enjoyable creativity

For more info visit MARI-SA Web-site or on FaceBook and join the mailing-list for upcoming events: By filling in this form to subscribe to updates 

What other participants had to say about Eleen’s workshops:

“Like ice-cream on a really hot day!”

“It was like going on holiday without leaving the room”

“I loved every minute of it. It has sparked all sorts of new possibilities for me”

“THANK YOU again for the most liberating experience I have had in my life and work up to now. My journey of inner healing and discovery of inner treasure kicked off with a BANG!!!”


“Thank you for creating a safe space, Eleen, allowing me to travel inwards on this amazing journey of discovery. I love the way you connected the practice and theory. A most enjoyable way to earn CPD points!”

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Your facilitator:

Eleen Polson has been a registered Counselling Psychologist since 1995. She is passionate about the power of the arts. Eleen believes that creativity is the birthright of every person. Since 2009, she has conducted workshops that have ignited creative passion and self-awareness for hundreds of participants. She was trained by Dr Natalie Rogers (2009) and by the Leadership Through Art Foundation (Music and Art Therapists from the Netherlands) in 2009, 2014 and 2016. 

Eleen is a qualified Biodanza Facilitator, having trained both nationally and internationally. She is also a registered TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) facilitator. Eleen has a warm and relaxed style, allowing delegates the freedom to explore and express themselves.