A radical new way of being, talking and relating to others and yourself

Non-violent communication – also known as Compassionate Communication – is one of the most powerful tools and techniques I teach the clients that come to me for support.  I wish all children are taught this modality as an alternative to relate effectively, yet compassionate and assertive to themselves, as well as all around them. 

I have found the work of Marshall Rosenberg very inspiring.  It challenged me to look at my thinking and talking and my role in creating peace in the world.  We need to re-learn an alternative way of speaking, letting go of the judgemental, critical, distancing way of relating that our world is used to.  It is possible, one sentence at a time, with the commitment to keep the communication channels open.

“Non-violent communication” with Mariette Snyman https://www.mariettesnyman.co.za/blog/non-violent-communication-how-it-works

For more by Marshall himself, view his numerous workshops on YouTube:

I wrote a reflection in January 2017 – in Afrikaans – for SES (Sentrum vir Eietydse Spiritualiteit). See the article under blogs.