Brain wave restructuring, Neuro-linguistic programming and other powerful tools

The past 10 years have seen a dynamic increase in our understanding of our cognitive abilities and how the brain-body mechanisms work.  Cutting-edge, research-based techniques are showing us how to change the way we think and consequently feel.  Using these new (and sometimes ancient) techniques, Eleen masterfully weaves interventions to support the individual on their journey of growth and healing.  


BWRT (Brain wave restructuring therapy)  uses visualisation and neuro-linguistic reprogramming to alter memories or stuck patterns into preferred outcomes.  Fast and effective relief is assured. 


NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)  is the basic understanding of using visualisation and imagination to co-create reality. 


Hypnosis is one of the psychologist’s most basic tools for deep relaxation.  Using this ability, a client can access body wisdom and deep-seated experiences to gain clarity and insight.  Numerous applications are possible for different preferred outcomes.